7 gen 2018


Orciatico is located in the heart of Tuscany in a very central position between the historical towns Firenze, Siena, Pisa, Lucca, Volterra, San Gimignano.

Orciatico is an ancient medieval village 313 m above sea level. Its castle, which was founded by the Longobards in the seventh century, was the outermost bulwark in the valley of the river Era.

Today the hill top village has approximately 250 inhabitants, living in the old castle surroundings.  The village is part of the Lajatico comune in the province of Pisa. Neighbour villages are Chianni, Montecatini Val di Cecina and the Spa village Casciana Terme is also within a short driving distance.

In the village, there is a grocer, a restaurant, a bar, a post office, an ATM, a doctor, a football field and a tennis court.
A town with more shops is Lajatico (the birthtown and home of the famous italian tenor, Andrea Bocelli) which is only 7 kms away. The closest supermarket is in Peccioli, 20 minutes by car.

Lajatico 8 km | Volterra 18 km | San Gimignano 45 km | Pisa 60 km | Siena 76 km | Firenze 90 km | Cinque Terre 130 km | Lucca 60 km | Rome 300 km | Milano 340 km

6 gen 2018

La posizione

Orciatico belongs to the Pisa province and Lajatico commune. 
The pin shows the exact position of the house. 

Orciatico is 300 kms from Rome Fiumincino, 300 kms from Milan Linate. 60 kms from Pisa, 90 kms from Florence and 72 kms from Siena.

5 gen 2018

La Longobarda

La Longobarda on the right. Terratetto!
In the sales brochure the house was named La Longobarda.
According to the previous owner the castle in Orciatico was built by the Longobards in year 652 and this house was part of the castle.

The house has 3/4 floors

On the top floor (terzo) you will find the kitchen and a large terrace with a panoramic view.

Second floor (secondo) has a bedroom, living room and a bathroom. 

First floor (primo) has a small cozy studio apartment with a bathroom. 

Ground floor (terra), main entrance level with a utility- and technical room. 

Piano Terra

Ground floor: Lobby - Utility room with washer/dryer - Technical room

Piano Primo

First floor: a private studio appartment for family and friends

Piano Secondo

Up to the master suite...

Second floor: bedroom, open living space and bathroom

Piano Terzo

Top floor: the most cozy Trattoria and Terrazza with a panoramic view

It's Volterra in the horizon.

4 gen 2018

What to do in Tuscany?

Daytrips to Volterra, San Gimignano, Siena, Firenze, Lucca, or to the beach... all within 100 km. Long lunches in the near by villages. Even longer lunches at home... or just relax with a book, a bottle of wine and some antipasto, and enjoy vita...

Don't rush with your morning coffee, take a slow start...

The nearest beach is Cecina 40 km

On a cloudy day, it still is warm and lovely.

The house from the restaurant in Orciatico

With friends in San Gimignano

Bocelli's annual concert/opera at Teatro di silezio 4 km
It's late in October, storming outside, but cozy inside with the fire burning and a nice bottle of local wine
A day trip to Lucca

A day trip to Lucca 60 km

Questa e la mia terra

Lunch at Agriturismo Diaccerroni 18 km

Tasting olives from the neighbours tree

The "hoods"

A day trip to Firenze and Ponte Vecchio 90 km

Traffic rush in Tuscany
Med vänner...

...och syskon
I Italien talar man mycket med händerna...

Helmut Newton utställning i San Gimignano.

VIAREGGIO beaches is within a driving distance.

Portofino (Liguria) is 200 kms from Orciatico but also a worthy trip. Check in to a nice hotel in Santa Margherita and enjoy some days by the coast. You cannot avoid Cinque Terre (150 km) on your way back.